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14.11.2016, Mainz, Germany

Light and glass technologies illuminate the future of medicine

SCHOTT will present a broad medical products portfolio at COMPAMED which includes X-ray shielding glass, sterilizable Solidur® LEDs, and the SCHOTT FLM lighting module.
SCHOTT RD 30® and RD 50® offer several unique advantages in applications that necessitate protection against X-ray light.
SCHOTT RD 30® and RD 50® offer several unique advantages in applications that necessitate protection against X-ray light.
Precision lighting will be a feature topic for the SCHOTT technology group at this year’s COMPAMED medical technology trade show in Düsseldorf from November 14 – 17, 2016 (Hall 8b, Booth H08). The new SCHOTT will showcase the new SCHOTT® FLM, an LED light engine that efficiently couples high-power LED light with the ultra-thin glass fiber bundles. The Solidur® line of sterilizable LED products offers a range of customization options for customer-specific solutions to add versatility to endoscopes and surgical instruments by integrating a light source directly in the device. Radiation shielding glasses SCHOTT RD 30® and RD 50® offer several unique advantages in applications that necessitate protection against X-ray light.

Light is an invaluable resource in the field of medicine. It enables doctors to see a clear picture of what matters most in medical procedures, from endoscopy and x-rays to dental treatments. The SCHOTT technology group has taken innovative strides in medical technology by offering customer-specific glass, LED and fiber optic solutions.

SCHOTT® FLM: Higher light intensity for endoscopic light guides

Integrated lighting systems combine fiber optics with LED technology to meet the growing demands for brighter light, thinner optical light guides, and uniform, true-color illumination. SCHOTT will present the fourth generation of its “LED light engine” products for the first time at COMPAMED 2016. The SCHOTT® FLM is able to achieve high luminous intensity and features a configurable Color Rendering Index (CRI) to meet customer-specific application needs.

The module allows for efficient coupling of high-power LED light and optical fibers with active diameters as small as 3 to 5 millimeters. In addition to high-brightness LEDs and advanced focusing optics, the SCHOTT® FLM  also features an active cooling system. It can be operated in various modes, including trigger mode, thanks to dedicated control electronics. SCHOTT® FLM
 will be available in the first quarter of 2017.

Sterilizable Solidur® LEDs: Precise illumination exactly where it is needed

The SCHOTT Solidur® product line is an assortment of high-brightness, hermetically-sealed LED lighting modules made for use in medical and dental device applications. These robust lights are made of inorganic, non-aging materials and sealed with SCHOTT’s proven glass-to-metal technology, enabling them to withstand more than 3500 autoclaving cycles. Solidur® LEDs are available in a variety of design options for developers of endoscopes, laparoscopes, otoscopes and other surgical and dental instruments. They can even be integrated into the tip of an instrument to bring a light source directly to the treatment site.

Only 2.3 millimeters in diameter, the Solidur® Mini LED is the world's smallest LED light of its kind, making it ideal for use in instruments with space restrictions. The Solidur® TO (Transistor Outline) LED offers a wide range of TO-standard geometries, housings and glass optics to provide versatility by means of customizable solutions. Last but not least, the Solidur® Ring LED offers shadow-free illumination by means of a circular LED chip arrangement and is well suited for use in camera and imaging applications.

Radiation shielding glasses RD 50® and RD 30®: unique advantages, fast delivery

SCHOTT is the only manufacturer of radiation shielding glasses in Germany. SCHOTT RD 50® and SCHOTT RD 30® provide excellent protection against gamma and x-rays. These products are proven performers for architects and designers who equip use integrate them in the doors and viewing windows of X-ray rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, and radiological and dental offices. RD 30® is the only monolithic X-ray shielding glass with a lead equivalent of 0.5 mm Pb that is 6 mm thick. RD 50® has the broadest thickness spectrum any monolithic X-ray shielding glass on the market (5 – 23 mm) and meets radiation protection requirements according to DIN EN 61331-2 and IEC 61331-2.

Both of these glasses can be further processed into laminated and insulating glass and also be bent or pre-stressed. RD 50® customers benefit from the additional processing and storage capacities that SCHOTT has invested in at its German production site in Eschershausen. This enables SCHOTT to offer high delivery reliability without compromising on the rigid quality standards of its products to ultimately delivery the greatest possible benefits to its customers.

In addition, SCHOTT will showcase other products from its broad optics portfolio, including active “eye-safe” laser glasses for use in medical applications such as cosmetic laser treatments in dermatology, interference filters (in the spectral range of 200 nm to 3,000 nm) and optical filter glasses for a wide range of applications. Autoclavable housings and electrical feedthroughs for use in medical technology will be on display at the SCHOTT booth in Hall 8b (Booth H08). Supported by SCHOTT’s proven glass-to-metal, ceramic-to-metal (CerTMS®) and multi-layer ceramic technology, these particularly robust components are well-suited for encapsulation of sensors and electronic components in numerous medical instruments. Gas-tight protection of the electronics for more than 3,500 autoclaving cycles enables these devices to perform reliably for an extended service life of many years.

Trademarks: SOLIDUR®, RD 30® and RD 50® are registered trademarks of SCHOTT AG.

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SCHOTT is a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics. The company has more than 130 years of outstanding development, materials and technology expertise and offers a broad portfolio of high-quality products and intelligent solutions. SCHOTT is an innovative enabler for many industries, including the home appliance, pharmaceutical, electronics, optics, automotive and aviation industries. SCHOTT strives to play an important part of everyone’s life and is committed to innovation and sustainable success. The group maintains a global presence with production sites and sales offices in 35 countries. With its workforce of approximately 15,000 employees, sales of 1.93 billion euros were generated in fiscal year 2014/2015. The parent company, SCHOTT AG, has its headquarters in Mainz (Germany) and is solely owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation. As a foundation company, SCHOTT assumes special responsibility for its employees, society and the environment.
LLight and glass technologies illuminate the future of medicine
LLight and glass technologies illuminate the future of medicine
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