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12.05.2014, Mainz/Düsseldorf (Germany)

Interpack 2014: New syringes from SCHOTT for use in infusion therapy and with biotech ingredients

Large-format 20 ml TopPac syringe for syringe pumps

syriQ InJentle: innovative glass syringe for biotech medications
The new 20 ml large-format SCHOTT TopPac® syringe is mainly intended for use in applications in the area of emergency and intensive care medicine. (Picture ID 226791)
The new 20 ml large-format SCHOTT TopPac® syringe is mainly intended for use in applications in the area of emergency and intensive care medicine. (Picture ID 226791)
Mainz/Düsseldorf, May 12, 2014 – SCHOTT is introducing two highlights from its syringe portfolio at the Interpack trade exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany (May 8-14, 2014). The new, large-format TopPac syringe is ideal for use with the syringe pumps used in infusion therapy. With its syriQ InJentle, the company will also be presenting a solution for biotech active ingredients. This product is not only manufactured without using tungsten, the syringe is also designed to ensure that the medication does not come into contact with the needle or adhesives during storage. These and other products will be on display at the SCHOTT booth (hall 7a, B01).

Improved safety in infusion therapy
The new, large-format syringe SCHOTT TopPac® is mainly intended for use in applications in the area of emergency and intensive care medicine. Doctors and care personnel in these fields often rely on automatic syringe pumps to administer pain killers, anesthetics and cardiovascular medications evenly over extended periods of time. Prefilled syringes such as SCHOTT TopPac reduce the number of process steps for medical personnel and thus help to avoid errors in administering medications. Due to the fact that the syringe has already been pre-filled to contain just the right dose, it can be put to use in the pump immediately.

SCHOTT TopPac syringes can be used very easily with a number of different syringe pumps. In fact, these devices detect them automatically thanks to their precise outside diameter. Furthermore, they are also compatible with other infusion applications such as needleless Luer Lock devices. The syringe itself is already shipped with a Luer Lock to ensure that it can be securely connected to an IV line. The high-tech COC (Cyclo-Olefin-Copolymer) polymer makes it light, resistant to breakage and enables long-term storage of the respective pharmaceuticals. Optimized siliconization on the inner side reduces interactions with the medication during storage and ensures that the plunger in the syringe glides for smooth drug application.

syriQ InJentle syringes for high stability medications
With syriQ InJentle, SCHOTT has developed a solution specifically for use with highly sensitive biotech active agents. The special geometry of the glass barrel does not require any tungsten during the glass forming process. The specially developed design offers yet another advantage: during storage, the medication does not come into contact with the needle or the adhesive that holds it. This means that no leachables can mix with the medication and it remains stable during storage.

A temper-evident closure shows whether the syringe has already been used. This closure can still be opened easily even after longer storage periods. Yet another advantage: The staked needle does not stick into needle shield, therefore the needle remains sharp. This makes injections less painful for the patient. In fact, syriQ InJentle can even be used with thin needles up to 32 Gauge.

SCHOTT supplies syriQ InJentle as ready-to-fill, packaged products in common nests and tubs that can be integrated into existing filling lines. In addition, SCHOTT also offers a number of components from other manufacturers to round off its syringe set.

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