Key Topics SCHOTT EF since 2006

December 11-13, 2006
11th SCHOTT EuroForum
Erich Schott Centre
  • New constitution of EuroForum
  • First EuroForum Agreement
January 8–9, 2008
12th SCHOTT EuroForum
Erich Schott Centre
  • Topics, e.g....
  • Actual state introduction “Zero Accidents”
  • Information about “IMSU” Europe
November 24-26, 2008
13th SCHOTT EuroForum
Erich Schott Centre
  • Status IPO Solar
    • Relevance for European locations
    • Information about future development
  • Business/financial situation of European locations
  • Discussion:
    Results of SCHOTT EuroForum Conference
November 20–22, 2008
SCHOTT EuroForum Conference
Erich Schott Centre
  • Workshop I
    “Working time models”
  • Workshop II
    “Occupational health and safety”
  • Workshop III
    “Ideas management”
  • Workshop IV
    “Conflict settlement”
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