Corporate Health Management

“Stay healthy! You are important to me.”. This slogan is the heart of the SCHOTT program for workplace health promotion.

With the help of a global health survey we recorded the current situation of health and safety standards in every production site of SCHOTT. Many improvements in health and safety matters result from this inquiry and lead to high standards all over the world.

“The Steering Committee for Corporate Health Management” is a parent body to coordinate and adjudicate upon global health and safety measures to achieve the aims of the SCHOTT Corporate Health Management.

The Wall of Health is a communication tool to promote recent health topics, ongoing measures and current health events throughout the global SCHOTT concern. The main topics represent the focuses of the workplace health promotion at SCHOTT:
We want to make sure that employees are protected against physical injury by appropriately designing their workplace.

We will provide supportive information and facilities to enable a balanced healthy nutrition with enough intake of fluids. This is the basis for physical and mental fitness.

We see more and more mental health problems and psychological work-related stress. We want to help our employees to deal with these issues and support them by working on our leadership style.

We will develop good practice for a timely and appropriate return to work for employees, who have been absent because of illness or injury, as well as integration measures for disabled people.

Motion strengthens muscles, sinews and ligaments. This can prevent musculoskeletal disorders and improve physical efficiency. We will point out possibilities for sport activities for our employees.

We want to maintain and restore the health of our employees by offering a variety of health checks and by preventing measures as well as providing first aid.