Front view of the SCHOTT ColdVision CV-LS Light Source

ColdVision Fiber Optic Light Sources

The extensive range of SCHOTT ColdVision Fiber Optic Light Sources provide flexible and versatile illumination for precise machine vision and microscopy applications. Utilizing LED and halogen light sources, the ColdVision family is specifically designed to operate seamlessly together for optimum performance.
SCHOTT ColdVision DCR® III Light Source

Designed for demanding situations

The robust metal housing, high quality components and long lifetime of SCHOTT ColdVision Light Sources make them the ideal choice for harsh environments in industrial applications. High efficiency output and a series of upgraded light engines add to the benefits of this market leader.

Back view of the SCHOTT ColdVision CV-LS Light Source

Advanced control options

SCHOTT ColdVision Light Sources have been developed for efficiency, reliability and functionality, with a range of hardware interfaces to provide seamless integration with existing and new illumination systems. Industrial Ethernet, USB and RS232 ports, and a remote control option, offer highly versatile connectivity and control.

SCHOTT ColdVision MC-LS Light Source

Product variants

The SCHOTT ColdVision series includes a range of different light sources such as LED and halogen, which offers a choice of light intensity for different tasks and environments. Each specially designed variant includes a unique range of features and advantages to suit the individual application.

More about variants
SCHOTT ColdVision ACE® Light Source
SCHOTT ColdVision DCR® III Light Source
SCHOTT ColdVision CV-LS Light Source
SCHOTT ColdVision MC-LS | Smart lighting for stereo microscopy

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