Line of refrigerators inside a supermarket with clear glass fronts

Commercial Refrigeration

Glass in refrigeration systems offers commercial appliance designers a range of creative options, as well as cost-saving energy advantages. SCHOTT’s advanced glass also boasts outstanding thermal stability, while our compressor seals offer equally impressive reliability and performance for long-term use.
Supermarket refrigerator with clear glass front filled with food
Door Systems

Food retail requires door systems that offer innovative design, top quality materials and energy-saving solutions, and SCHOTT’s Termofrost® doors deliver on all counts. Anti-reflective glass technology such as Smart Look provides inviting views of the products inside, while the new hands-free system Smart Access adds hygiene and convenience. The outstanding thermal performance of SCHOTT’s Termofrost® doors results in reduced energy consumption and better compliance with food regulation.

Line of industrial compressor units for commercial refrigeration

Compressor devices in commercial refrigeration environments receive thousands of times the pressure that a standard compressor would, and their long-term maintenance-free performance and safety depends strongly on the quality of a single component. SCHOTT compressor seals are extremely robust and can reliably withstand the high pressure and electrical loads that compressors in large refrigeration units are subjected to every day.