Close up of a projector lens with reflected colors

Imaging and Projection

High-resolution imaging and projection require the highest quality glass components for pinpoint precision. SCHOTT’s market-leading glass products offer customized solutions across the imaging and projection market, from micro-optics to high-powered projection systems.
High quality video and still cameras benefit from SCHOTT lenses, optical filters and glass tubing

Camera and Video Components

SCHOTT glass plays a key role in a wide range of camera equipment, such as the covers of CMOS Image Sensor in high-end DSLR cameras or glass tubing for flash lamps. Our vast range of specialty lenses, optical filters, optical glasses, and prisms boast equally impressive credentials, with the availability of bespoke solutions for designs large, small and microscopic.

SCHOTT offers a range of optical components for high-end digital projectors

Digital Projection

SCHOTT’s optical components are widely used in high-end digital projectors thanks to our reputation for high quality glass materials. Our HT and HTultra optical glasses deliver outstanding transmittance and low solarization, while our ceramic phosphor converters are the basis of high-luminance laser light sources. BOROFLOAT® borosilicate glass also offers outstanding heat resistance when used with powerful, high-temperature projection lamps, providing stunning brightness and picture quality even in the largest imaging displays.

BOROFLOAT® glass is ideal for modern TV and multi-media systems

TV and Imaging Displays

With the growth of home cinema and large-screen, high-definition TV, SCHOTT glass products have become vital components of the technology behind this entertainment revolution. Our groundbreaking BOROFLOAT® borosilicate glass offers exceptionally high transparency, very low thermal expansion and outstanding heat resistance when used in modern backlit systems.