Interior of a clothing store with a window made of SCHOTT glass

Interior Design

As soon a customer steps into a store or restaurant, their surroundings affect their experience. Bold interior design can put them in a positive frame of mind to make purchases or create a lasting memory, and SCHOTT have just the right products to achieve that.

Displays and showcases in retail stores benefit from SCHOTT MIRONA® and AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass

Displays and Showcases

A powerful, enticing display can make a big difference to any retail space or restaurant, and glass plays a huge role in creating the right atmosphere for retail. AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass ensures no unwanted light obscures your products, with strong color rendering to display them in the very best light. Another option that’s even more attention-grabbing is MIRONA®, which creates a stunning semi-transparent effect where the glass switches between a mirror or a transparent window depending on the light behind it.

SCHOTT's range of decorative glass is used for a variety of interior design projects

Interior Decoration

Attractive interior design in a retail or gastronomic space is one of the key elements of a successful store or restaurant, and glass offers a world of possibilities for adventurous design. Whether it’s the decorative qualities of SCHOTT’s ARTISTA® and RIVULETTA®, or the fascinating color effects of NARIMA®, there’s a wealth of options available to enhance the customer’s feeling that they are part of a luxury, high-end experience.