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Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters

SCHOTT’s Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters provide a consistently bright and clear light source. Ideal for a huge range of devices, from projectors to searchlights, these components are made from pure, inorganic phosphor material, which ensures high temperature stability and excellent heat conductivity.
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Instantly outstanding

Quality and reliability are key with SCHOTT Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters. While brightness and color remain constant, the components don’t need any warm-up time, so instant access to an outstanding light source is available every time.

Two Static Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters by SCHOTT

Powerful illumination everywhere

The strength of the light source generated by SCHOTT’s Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters benefits an extensive range of sectors. They power searchlights and spotlights, digital projectors for movie theaters and large venues, as well as create high-intensity light sources for microscopy, medical applications and machine vision.

Yellow and green circle, C-shape, concentric line and two heat spreader

Product Variants

SCHOTT Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters are available for dynamic and static use. Both are made with 100% inorganic material for a long lifetime and deliver high luminescence and reliability for high powered light sources.

Two Static Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters by SCHOTT
Yellow and green circles, C-shape and concentric lines indicating our dynamic ceramic laser phosphor converter portfolio

Yellow circle, C-shape and a concentric line indicating laser light shapes made with a ceramic laser phosphor converter
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