Dashboard and steering wheel of a vehicle fitted with glass displays, touchscreens and lighting

Design and Glazing

The latest vehicles require a wide selection of durable glass in all areas of interior and exterior glazing. From touchscreen displays and dashboard screens to tough, weather-resistant glass for the windshield and sun roof, the demands placed on automotive glass products are high.
SCHOTT CONTURAN® and Xensation® glasses are ideal for vehicle interiors

Interior Glazing

The interior of a vehicle requires special glass materials such as BOROFLOAT®, which has proven levels of strength, impact- and scratch-resistance, making it ideal for long-term internal use in dashboard consoles.

SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® is widely used for vehicle windows, windshields and sun roofs

Exterior Glazing

SCHOTT has decades of experience in exterior automotive glazing, providing the glass for the windows, windshields and sun roofs of a number of auto manufacturers. The highly versatile borosilicate glass BOROFLOAT® has a multitude of outstanding qualities that makes it ideal for laminate glazing. Not only does it have exceptional transparency and thermal resistance, it displays high chemical durability and excellent mechanical strength.