Battery and Capacitor Lids

Storage is the key to safety, flexibility, and mobility in the use of energy. Since electricity is a fleeting power, it must be used as it is generated, or converted immediately into another form to save for later use. SCHOTT supplies components for durable, high-performance energy storage devices serving innovative and demanding applications.
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Efficient, leak-tight battery cells are paramount to the success of electric vehicle (EV) applications. Battery cells that are not leak-tight can suffer from moisture intrusion that affects battery chemistry, resulting in reduced capacity and performance, as well as a shortened lifespan. Hermetically sealed battery covers from SCHOTT eliminate moisture intrusion and enable battery and capacitor designs with longer service lives and better performance.

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Metropolitan buses and trams are rapidly adopting electrification, often using lithium batteries or supercapacitors due to their fast charging capabilities. Since TOC (Total Cost of Ownership) is key for communal transportation, manufacturers are looking for especially rugged and long-lasting components. Hermetic glass-to-metal sealed battery and supercapacitor covers from SCHOTT can withstand thousands of charging and discharging cycles, even under extreme conditions.

White electric vehicle being recharged at the side of a road

Energy Storage Systems

Renewable energy sources have variable outputs, requiring the use of storage technologies to create a supply and demand equilibrium. Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular option for this, owning the largest share of the global grid battery storage market. SCHOTT hermetic lids are custom-designed to extend the lifetime of batteries and ultracapacitors used in energy storage. They deliver reliable safety and high-temperature resistance thanks to their inorganic glass and metal materials.

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Industrial devices require robust battery designs to endure harsh conditions, often in remote, hard-to-reach locations where self-power is required and battery replacement or recharging is problematic or impossible. Batteries with long service lives are important because battery failure usually results in total device failure. SCHOTT hermetically sealed covers are the preferred and proven housing technology for these applications to support successful operation.

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Mission-critical applications necessitate the highest levels of product performance and reliability. Applying decades of knowledge and expertise in glass manufacturing and sealing processes, SCHOTT utilizes a mix of carefully selected glass and metal materials to create a hermetic seal of battery feedthroughs to provide long-lasting protection. These robust seals can be applied to all commonly used lithium battery chemistries, including thermal batteries.

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Battery-powered devices are used across the medical spectrum, including surgical tools, life-saving devices, RFID asset tracking, and other wireless devices. Application requirements dictate the choice of power supply, which is typically lithium primary or lithium Ion batteries. Safety and longevity are key in medical applications, making hermetically sealed battery covers a standard. SCHOTT glass-to-metal sealed caps are used for their reliable, long-term protective performance.

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