Dashboard and steering wheel of a vehicle fitted with glass displays, touchscreens and lighting

Design and Glazing

The latest vehicles require a wide selection of durable glass in all areas of interior and exterior glazing. From touchscreen displays and anti-reflective dashboard screens to tough, weather-resistant glass for the windshield and sun roof, the demands placed on automotive glass products are high.
Interior of a vehicle with steering wheel and dashboard display

Interior Glazing

The interior of a vehicle requires a number of different glass materials, from anti-reflective displays for dashboard consoles to touchscreens able to detect the slightest of touches while providing resistance to fingerprints and smudges. To answer these demands, CONTURAN® has less than 1% reflection, giving a driver all the information they require in all light conditions, while BOROFLOAT® has proven levels of strength, impact- and scratch-resistance, making it ideal for long-term internal use.

Sun roof of a vehicle from the inside

Exterior Glazing

SCHOTT has decades of experience in exterior automotive glazing, providing the glass for the windows, windshields and sun roofs of a number of auto manufacturers. The highly versatile borosilicate glass BOROFLOAT® has a multitude of outstanding qualities that makes it ideal for laminate glazing. Not only does it have exceptional transparency and thermal resistance, it displays high chemical durability and excellent mechanical strength.