Wash and Ceiling Lights

Thanks to an optical converter, a reduced number of LEDs and smart sensor-controlled light regulation, SCHOTT’s Wash and Ceiling Light solutions generate attractive and uniform cabin lighting. The result is a peerless lighting system that achieves homogeneous light output at very high operating-hour level. 

High performance and low-cost maintenance

Clever conversion

In the SCHOTT HelioJet® system, LEDs feed light into both ends of an optical converter. Homogeneous light ouput is achieved thanks to sensor-controlled LEDs that balance the light evenly to create stunning scenarios.

Fewer diodes, more performance

By using just 20% of the light diodes found in conventional LED strips, SCHOTT Wash and Ceiling Lights offer hugely improved performance and unit reliability, as well as less maintenance and repair costs.

Superior sensor control

SCHOTT HelioJet® sensor technology constantly monitors and controls each LED, resulting in homogeneous light transmission plus stable light output and color.

High-quality color

Wash and Ceiling Lights score a commendable 85 on the color rendering index, demonstrating high quality and consistency. The stability of the lights’ color brightness is also impressive, with a shift of less than 1% over time.

SCHOTT HelioJet® SpectrumCC

The SCHOTT HelioJet® SpectrumCC system uses around 20% of the light diodes in conventional LED strips, enabling homogeneous light distribution, stability of light intensity and color, as well as easy maintenance. 


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