SCHOTT sets the standard for borosilicate glass with high UV transmission. With one of our highest UV transmission values, SCHOTT 8337B is a robust, heat-resistant glass suitable for sealing to tungsten and the alloy Kovar. This makes it a major asset in laboratories and UV lighting and sensing.
A selection of clear glass tubes made from SCHOTT 8337B glass

Advantages across the board

Offering high UV transmittance and high resistance to thermal shock, SCHOTT 8337B has a lot going for it. Commonly used as housing for UV light sensors, this unique glass is also used in disinfection processes, as well as specialist industrial applications.

Three clear glass tubes made from SCHOTT 8337B glass

Strong sealing properties

SCHOTT 8337B achieves a strong direct seal with Tungsten or the alloy Kovar to provide tight and stable housing of wires and metal components for specialist lighting and sensor applications. Since this seal is extremely tight, sensitive electronics can be protected for a long period of time.

Round slinces made from SCHOTT 8337B glass

Product variants

At SCHOTT, we believe in working closely with our customers to meet their specific needs, but we also have products pre-optimized for use in certain forms. Our 8337B glass discs are a good example of this, and they can be tailored for a range of purification purposes or as part of a sensor unit.

Wafer (RayVolution)

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