ROBAX® NightView

The intense flames of a pellet stove are bright and exciting, but many people prefer the more tranquil ambience of a wood fire. ROBAX® NightView calms and darkens the flames to create a more serene atmosphere. And when the fire is out, the tinted fire-viewing panel underlines the beauty of the fireplace.

A unique fireplace experience

The fire created by a pellet stove is a unique treat for the senses. Bright, fast-moving flames flicker and dance, offering a different visual experience to the romance of a wood fire. And when the stove is not in use, the ROBAX® NightView fire-viewing panel conceals the soot-lined combustion chamber to allow the viewer to focus on the design of the fireplace.

View of a pellet stove fitted with SCHOTT ROBAX® NightView with flames and no flames

Left side: Pellet fireplace with ROBAX® NightView turned on. Right side: Pellet fireplace with ROBAX® NightView turned off.

The NightView effect

The tinted glass-ceramic ROBAX® NightView offers a completely new and highly enjoyable experience for the pellet fire owner. The viewing panel not only calms the flames, giving them a darker, more natural warm color, but it also makes a feature of the fire, providing a focal point for the room that will draw the eye and hold the attention.

The great indoors

What could be better than snuggling up in front of a fireplace on a cold winter day and enjoying the beauty of the flames? With the tinted NightView glass-ceramic fire-viewing panel, pellet stoves are an elegant design element for homes all year round. Whether in the kitchen or the living room, SCHOTT’s large portfolio of glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels provide a range of new design options that suit every interior.

Line drawing diagram of a living room with pellet stoves

A manufacturer’s dream

For stove manufacturers, ROBAX® NightView offers the chance to be different, as well as a product that’s easily installed with potential cost savings. NightView can replace double-glazing consisting of a glass-ceramic fire-viewing panel and a tinted front panel, opening new options for design and construction. Available in a thickness of 4 mm (0.16 inches), the panel will fit pellet stoves of different sizes and shapes.

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"MORETTI DESIGN prides itself on its ability to create iconic, beautiful pieces of furniture that deliver high performance. ROBAX® NightView has been the ideal partner for our pellet stoves as it perfectly blends our design vision and SCHOTT’s technological innovation."
Stefano Moretti
Managing Director, MORETTI DESIGN
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"Innovation and design often arise from sharing of fruitful ideas and know-how. When two leading companies cooperate together, the result can only be a success and the perfect combination between our stoves and the glass-ceramic ROBAX® NightView is just another proof of that."
Gianni Ragusa
Managing Director, La Nordica-Extraflame
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"We developed the ROBAX® NightView glass-ceramic to address two objectives: Improve the emotional quality of the fire for the users and simplify the construction for the manufacturers."
Birgit Eickeler
Product Manager ROBAX®

Award-winning ambience

ROBAX® NightView has been awarded a prestigious 2022 German Design Award in the “Excellent Product Design – Material and Surfaces” category. Presented by the German Design Council, the awards are judged by an international jury made up of leading experts from all disciplines of design.

Logo of German Design Award Winner 2022
Moretti pellet stove

Innovative product design

Italian fireplace manufacturer Moretti features SCHOTT ROBAX® NightView in their pellet stove “DREAM” for an extraordinary look, also when turned off.

Modern living room with large window and pellet stove

Award-winning concept

ROBAX® NightView is the 2022 German Design Award "Winner" in the category "Excellent Product Design - Material and Surfaces".

Black pellet stove by La Nordica-Extraflame with SCHOTT ROBAX® NightView fire-viewing panel

A fusion of style and function

Italian manufacturer La Nordica-Extraflame uses SCHOTT ROBAX® NightView in two of its pellet stoves. The combination of calming flames and a dark surface led to the product winning a 2022 German Design Award in the Excellent Product Design category.

Bronze DREAM pellet stove by MORETTI Design in a scenic atmosphere with SCHOTT ROBAX® NightView fire-viewing panel

"DREAM" pellet stove

To the Italian fireplace manufacturer Moretti innovation and design are combined in their pellet stove "DREAM", also because of the tinted glass-ceramic ROBAX® NightView.

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