Radiation Shielding Glasses

While nuclear power has a wide variety of uses, it presents a number of radiation hazards for anyone working within range of the specialized equipment it powers. SCHOTT’s Radiation Shielding Glasses combine high shielding capability and resistance against ionizing irradiation for effective protection.

Interior of a nuclear facility with window made of radiation shielding glass

The nuclear industry

In one of the world’s most dangerous industries, absolute safety is paramount. SCHOTT’s series of powerful RS radiation glasses plays a vital role in the nuclear sector, shielding personnel at atomic power plants, nuclear reprocessing and waste treatment centers, as well as isotope production facilities.

Female patient being scanned by a hospital x-ray machine

Medical facilities

Radiographers, surgeons, doctors and nurses receive superior levels of protection from windows made with RD 50® radiation shielding glass, particularly in x-ray rooms for PET & CT applications, operating theaters and dental practices. RD 30® is the dedicated solution for mammography where it protects medical staff against the scattered x-rays.

Radiation Shielding Glass in analytical laboratory apparatus

Scientific research

In the world of atomic science, harmful substances are handled constantly and SCHOTT’s RS shielding glass provides the protection scientists demand – in nuclear research establishments, material testing machinery, and glove box equipment for examining radioactive items.

Blue x-ray image of a car engine

Industrial x-ray applications

RD 50® radiation shielding glass is used to protect staff from x-rays and gamma rays in a number of industries that analyze materials or products using non-destructive testing. This effectively tests the properties of the material without causing extensive damage, so is a highly efficient method of analysis for a wide range of engineering sectors.

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