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Optical Glass

Benefitting from well over a century of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality glass products, SCHOTT offers a huge portfolio of optical glasses for a vast range of commercial, industrial and scientific applications.
A range of clear SCHOTT optical filter glasses in different shapes

Wide range, tailored service

Our unrivalled range of around 120 glass types is constantly evolving as new innovations and melting processes are introduced to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. SCHOTT optical glasses are available in the form of raw glass, cut blanks and pressings, as well as finished components, and we work closely with customers to tailor our products to their needs.

Two sections of clear optical glass of different thicknesses

Applications as far as the eye can see

Our high homogeneity glass has a crucial role to play in high-power laser applications and astronomy, while our i-Line glass offers high UV transmittance. Cameras and medical instruments also rely on our precision-molded glasses, while HT and HTUltra glasses allow outstanding transmittance for projector or high-end optical systems.

Find your ideal optical glass

SCHOTT offers more than 120 different types of optical glass, each one produced using the very best materials and manufacturing techniques. To view the full range of SCHOTT's optical glass and discover which type of glass is suitable for your requirement, go to our interactive Abbe Diagram
A range of SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass in different sizes and shapes

Product variants

SCHOTT classifies its optical glass products into groups based on similar physical properties and applications. These include HT and HTUltra Glass, which offer optimum transmission, and i-Line Glass designed for high UV transmission. High Homogeneity Glass, Low Tg Glass for Precision Molding and Radiation Resistant Glass complete the specialist collection.

More about variants
Range of clear glass prisms made from SCHOTT HT and HTUltra glass
Two clear i-Line glass discs made by SCHOTT on a blue background
Two clear high homogeneity glass discs made by SCHOTT for high-power lasers and satellite technology
Lens on a blue background made from low Tg glass for precision molding
Radiation Resistant Glass Product Picture

We are certified

SCHOTT is both ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Our optical glass is subjected to stringent quality inspection before shipping, and the production of optical glass is constantly monitored at all stages.

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