Blue NIR cut-off filters in different sizes

NIR Cutoff Filters

Near-infrared radiation (NIR) cutoff filters ensure that we perceive the world in the right colors, and SCHOTT’s premium-quality filters and blue glass components offer exceptional vision and high NIR absorption. As experts in this rapidly developing area, SCHOTT manufactures both high humidity resistance glasses and glasses with steep NIR cutoff.

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Immaculate imaging

SCHOTT’s high-precision production methods mean its high humidity resistance glasses offer consistent and reliable optical performance. The steep NIR cutoff glasses achieve exceptionally high transmittance in the visible range, while both types deliver true color imaging. Customized coated filters, polished substrates, cemented filters and framed filters are all available.

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Enhanced vision

SCHOTT filters transform vision in a range of applications. Integrated into image sensors, they enhance viewing by producing natural shades and enable digital cameras and high-end smartphone lenses to recognize colors in the same way as the human eye. Night vision equipment also benefits from SCHOTT filters for displays and operation controls.

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Product variants

Different applications and sensors require very different NIR cut filters. The filters not only vary in thickness, but also in chemical resistance, thermal expansion and cutoff wavelength. All these variants ensure that different cameras perceive the same colors. Our filters can be optimized for large sensor cameras, mobile camera modules or NVIS applications.

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