Interior of the German Book and Script Museum in Leipzig, Germany, featuring glass showcases made of SCHOTT MIRONA® semi-transparent mirrored glass


A truly unique material, MIRONA® transforms seamlessly from an elegant mirror to a transparent window at the flick of a switch. This astonishing feature offers brands and companies the ability to create stunning multimedia screens and interior designs that add a sense of discovery and drama to any display.
Interior of a clothes store featuring displays made of SCHOTT MIRONA® semi-transparent mirrored glass

Excellent visual options

The ability of MIRONA® to quickly flick from mirror to window offers a fascinating choice of options when choreographing the presentation of exhibits and products in the retail sector, as well as information in public spaces. The glass itself is long-lasting, scratch-resistant and simple to clean.

Semi-transparent mirrored image of a woman with male in the foreground in a display made from SCHOTT MIRONA® glass

Rapid change of pace

In stores and museums, MIRONA® delivers a rapid change of visual pace and function. In a clothing store, for example, a changing room mirror can be transformed into a glass display with an interactive screen, while a museum can quickly reconfigure lighting to spotlight specific objects in display cases.

We are certified

SCHOTT MIRONA® on float glass and MIRONA® laminated safety glass for glazing applications inside buildings conform to the following standards: DIN EN 1096-2 and DIN EN ISO 12543-2, following the provision of Directives 89 / 106 / EWG.

Exterior of the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall in Hamburg, Germany
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Magic moments in Hamburg’s concert hall

MIRONA® is used to great effect inside Hamburg's iconic Elbphilharmonie concert hall, where it's used in 32 circular wall displays. Discover more about this fascinating project.

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SCHOTT MIRONA® media column – a unique communication system

The Frankfurt Airport Center in Germany needed an eye-catching design for a media column to direct passengers and visitors. A glass cube was designed using SCHOTT MIRONA®, which appears to float, with its technology hidden behind the reflective surface.
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More than mirrors in the Elbphilharmonie

The Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg, Germany is a unique building and needed a unique glass to reflect its landmark status. SCHOTT MIRONA® was used to provide 32 stylish mirrors inside that transform into information displays when backlit.
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Display cabinets made of intelligent glass

The German Book and Script Museum in Leipzig features a 21m-long display cabinet that uses SCHOTT MIRONA® High-Reflective Grey glass and carefully timed lighting to intermittently illuminate fascinating artefacts and the viewer’s reflection.
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