KIMAX® acid waste and vent systems set the standard for borosilicate glass piping systems, offering the highest chemical resistance for acid waste while remaining sustainable, durable, user-friendly and easy to assemble. For special handling of corrosive waste in a non-process system, KIMAX® is your trusted partner.

KIMAX® is a registered trademark of Gerresheimer Glass, Inc.

Y-shaped section of KIMAX® clear glass piping

Low-cost, high-performance chemical waste solution

KIMAX® borosilicate glass piping has the highest chemical resistance for acid waste in a non-process system, with the highest thermal resistance found in any acid waste pipe on the market. Its easy assembly and long life cycle, along with its flexibility and adaptability, make it an outstanding choice.

Close up of a section of KIMAX® clear glass piping with mechanical joint

Sector-spanning efficiency

While KIMAX® systems are widely used in laboratories, dialysis systems, nuclear medicine and other scientific applications that demand special handling of waste, they are also used by educational, medical and industrial institutions needing to neutralize their waste before discharge.

BIM Objects

KIMAX® offers a comprehensive portfolio of components to build an acid waste drainline system in any setting for any industry. To help architects and planners, we offer an online BIM service that offers an accurate simulation of the system.

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See the corrosion resistance of KIMAX® against common lab chemicals

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