Glass Door Systems for Freezer Cabinets
Line of freezer cabinets in a supermarket

Glass Door Systems for Freezer Cabinets

For more than 40 years, SCHOTT has set the standard for glass doors systems for commercial freezers. The Termofrost® range includes frame and handle options to provide complete solutions for different cabinet structures, designs and energy levels, enabling you to create your own unique freezer door system.
A man chooses a frozen product from a freezer in a supermarket

Designing the customer experience

For retailers, Termofrost® is an obvious choice as it offers a wide range of design options to complement the store and create a distinctive customer experience. That experience includes optimum visibility of the products and smooth operation, as well as an attractive and inviting appearance.

Line of freezer cabinets in a supermarket freezer aisle

Freezer doors that keep their cool

SCHOTT door systems such as Termofrost® deliver high energy efficiency as they can be fully passive and energy-free, helping to reduce the environmental impact of freezer systems. Heated doors can also be fitted to work in more challenging environments, while maintaining minimum energy consumption and cost-effective operation.

Line of freezer cabinets with SCHOTT Termofrost® ECO-Clear glass doors

Product variants

SCHOTT Termofrost® variants suit standard freezer systems with a number of design and efficiency options. Termofrost® Slimline minimizes viewing obstructions, and Termofrost® Twinline offers attractive swing doors for bulk and shelf products in vertical cabinets.

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A retail freezer cabinet fitted with a SCHOTT Termofrost® Slimline door system
A row of supermarket freezers featuring SCHOTT Termofrost® Twinline glass door systems

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