Functional Lights

SCHOTT® HelioFlex Spot Lights illuminate aisles, seats and work areas, resulting in a comfortable flight for passengers and a safe working environment for cabin crews. Powered by a remote LED light source, the fiber optic SCHOTT® HelioFlex Spot Light is sleek, stylish and simple to fit in all major aircraft. 

SCHOTT® HelioFlex Spot Light in a test tube submerged in water

Flexible and safe

The fiber optic build of the HelioFlex Spot Light is so slim and flexible it can be retrofitted into most cabin designs and restrictive aircraft space, with a single light source powering more than one spot light. The HelioFlex Spot Light is also safe – its glass fibers don’t carry electricity and don’t heat up, and there’s no interference with wireless on-board systems.

Two SCHOTT® HelioFlex Spot Lights emitting white light

Pleasing passengers, helping cabin crew

Crisp spot lights for seat pocket illumination bring convenience to air travellers and add to the overall passenger experience. Aisle illumination realized with HelioFlex Spot Lights enable safe movement through the aircraft, while the system also lights galleys, bars and other crew areas for easier working conditions.

Fiber optics enable smart design solutions.

We are certified

SCHOTT Aviation Lighting is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for quality and environment, and EASA Parts 21/G and 145 for production.

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Ben Rowan, Director at design agency PriestmannGoode
News & Innovation stories

Intuitive functionality

Ben Rowan, Director at PriestmannGoode, discusses how SCHOTT’s lighting technology inspired him and his team to create compact in-seat reading lights with distinct design and intuitive features.

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Let there be light!

How SCHOTT aviation lighting lifts the mood and illuminates the way.

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Smart Flying

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