Range of flexible light guides by SCHOTT

Flexible Light Guides

Flexible light guides perform vital roles in many industries, and SCHOTT has the expertise to understand the key requirements of them all. Our in-house development teams and production facilities produce the latest glass optical fibers, bundles, cables and assemblies for versatile and customized solutions.
Bundle of eco-friendly PURAVIS® clear glass optical fibers with a background of white flowers

Perfect white light transmission

SCHOTT’s cutting-edge glass optical fibers such as the eco-friendly PURAVIS® family enable high light transmission and sustainable solutions. Due to a very low color shift, even with long light guides, illuminated objects retain their natural color, while an improved numerical aperture results in the capture of more light from the very start.

Bundle of glass optical fibers with illuminated ends


SCHOTT glass materials and outcoupling elements can be custom-tailored for the individual application. Together with our customers we develop opto-mechanical solutions from Ultra Violet through to Near Infrared in nanometer tolerances.

Range of flexible light guides by SCHOTT

Product variants

SCHOTT Flexible Light Guides are a versatile option for a wide range of applications, from Basic Light Guides as versatile Illumination components, connecting light source and application area, to Complex Light Guides for difficult requirements and Internal Light Guides that can replace fiber bundles.

Three basic light guides by SCHOTT in grey sheathing
Black and silver complex light guide by SCHOTT
Two black internal light guides by SCHOTT

We are certified

SCHOTT holds a number of Quality Assurance certificates for the production of Flexible Light Guides, including ISO-13485 and ISO 9001 / 14001.

Two employees manufacturing lighting products in the cleanroom in Mexico
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