CompRite™ Compressor Terminals

SCHOTT compressor terminals have excellent pressure resistance and are used as feedthroughs for electrical supply to compressors. SCHOTT develops and manufactures compressor terminals using hermetic compression glass-to-metal sealing, delivering high mechanical strength and electrical insulation. They are designed to perform reliably in extreme environmental conditions.

Features of SCHOTT compressor terminals

High pressure resistance

SCHOTT compressor terminals are designed to offer high pressure resistance in applications using compressors. This includes those using CO2 refrigerants, in which high pressure resistance is an especially important requirement.

Excellent electrical insulation

SCHOTT optimizes the design of compressor terminals for excellent electrical insulation by using glass, rubber and/or ceramics as insulating materials in combination with stringent, well-established manufacturing processes.

Vacuum-tight hermeticity

Prevention of refrigerant leakage is crucial to sustain proper compressor functionality. SCHOTT compressor terminals deliver vacuum-tight hermeticity with glass-to-metal sealing technology.

Highly resistant to adverse conditions

Compressors are exposed to harsh operating environment conditions, including temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, and chemicals. SCHOTT compressor terminals deliver reliable performance to enable continuous functionality of compressors, even in harsh conditions.

Compressor Terminals for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Compressor terminals for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Terminals





Voltage Electric Current Pin Material Pim Diameter (mm) Insulation Material (Rubber) Insulation Material (Ceramic)
24 V - 48 V 80 A - 150 A Cr-Cu 4.0 - 6.0 Optional Optional
200 V - 500 V Up to 30 A Fe-Cr 3.2 Optional Optional
200 V - 500 V   30 A - 50 A  Cu plated Fe-Cr  3.2  Optional Optional 
800 V  Up to 30 A  Fe-Cr  3.2 Yes Yes 
800 V   30 A - 50 A  Cu plated Fe-Cr   3.2 Yes  Yes 








CO2 Compressor Terminals

CO2 Compressor Terminals

Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressor Terminals

Semi-Hermatic Screw Compressor Terminals

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