Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters

Smart thinking, premium materials and superior design have resulted in Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters that operate with unrivalled performance.

Stable, tough, efficient and eco-friendly

Color gamut

Yellow and green ceramic phosphor material comprehensively covers the visible color spectrum. For selected applications, white phosphor ceramic is also available.

Reliability and long lifetime

SCHOTT Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters offer long lifetime and stable operation. Pure inorganic phosphor solutions enable operations at high temperature levels and exhibit exceptional heat conductivity.

High luminance

SCHOTT technology ensures superior illuminance. High efficacy allows high contrast and high light output.

Variable formats

SCHOTT Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters are available in various formats such as rings, dies, different colors and different heat sink types for dynamic & static solutions.


SCHOTT offers a range of dynamic and static solutions with different emission colors. Details of emission color coordinates can be find on the datasheet in the download section.

For Dynamic Ceramic Converter we offer yellow and green phosphor material.
For Static Ceramic Converter we offer yellow, green and white phosphor material.

Technical details

Data and detailed information on metrology methods are available in the brochure in the download section.


  • Optical Specifications: Phosphor conversion efficacy and emission color coordinates
  • Materials Properties: Thermal quenching stability, temperature damage threshold and thermal conductivity in temperature range


  • Optical Specifications: Phosphor conversion efficacy and emission color coordinates
  • Materials Properties: Irradiance limit
Colors offered for ceramic solutions

Dynamic solution

Dynamic solution

Static solution

Static solution


Several geometries for all product variants are available, along with exact measures and data, in the datasheet and brochure available in the download section.

Customized geometries are possible for large volumes.


  • Outer diameter (mm)
  • Inner diameter (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Available shapes (O-Ring, C-Ring, Segment)


  • Heatspreader dimension (W x L x T in mm)
  • Phosphor materials dimension (W x L in mm)

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