Ambient Light

Using glass fiber light guides rather than plastic pipes provides SCHOTT Ambient Light with a smaller diameter and narrower bending radii, as well as significantly higher UV, temperature and chemical resistance. The fine and illuminated lines create new signature designs in the vehicle’s exterior and interior.

Esthetic lighting with superior material characteristics

Design freedom for tight areas

SCHOTT’s flexible car lighting solutions are designed to be versatile. They present customizable diameters (starting from 1.2mm) and excellent bending radii (five times the outer diameter) to fit into the curves of car interiors. The light guides can also be compressed by to up to 15% for easy integration.

High color stability

Color quality is an ever-reliable constant: with 360° radial illumination, SCHOTT light-diffusing flexible fibers offer high color stability and homogeneity over lengths of up to 4m, which results in uniformly distributed light and a premium ambience.

Robust and hard-wearing

Beautiful it may be, but SCHOTT ambient lighting is also robust. Waterproof and resistant to ultraviolet light, chemical loads and salt, the flexible and rigid light platforms are mechanically strong. In addition, they enjoy high thermal stability, with standard operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 400°C, with higher temperatures available upon request.

Regulatory experience and engineering expertise

With over 130 years of expertise in glass and lighting technology, SCHOTT has been a reliable partner for automotive manufacturers for over 20 years thanks to our deep experience with OEM standards and regulations in all tier levels and design phases.

SCHOTT® Sidelight

SCHOTT® Sidelight, MultiLight and LuminaLine fibers are our patented solutions to answer the high demand for automotive interior and exterior lighting applications. Our products offer robustness and flexibility, and when used in combination with highly effective LEDs, homogeneous light effects can be created even when available space is limited and curves are tight.


Graph showing the technical features of LuminaLine, Sidelight and MultiLight 


SCHOTT Ambient light technical data graph


Ambient Light - Qualification and Tests Table

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