Ambient Light

Tomorrow’s mobility concepts will present new challenges for exterior and interior lighting, as it adds visibility to invisible technologies and personalizes the in-car experience. Whether it’s illumination for car-to-environment communication or individualized mood lighting, SCHOTT is the ideal partner.

Interior of a future concept car with blue SCHOTT contour lighting
Open panoramic sunroof with white SCHOTT contour lighting
Centre console of a car interior with purple SCHOTT contour lighting

Automotive interior lighting

The auto interior of the future will feature lighting designs with the potential for increased individualization, psychological wellbeing and functional car-to-passenger communication. To enable this transformation, SCHOTT has developed a variety of lighting solutions whose sophisticated features and elegant look will turn driving into a genuine experience, presenting an overall feeling of refined comfort.

Exterior of a luxury sports car with blue and red SCHOTT LED fiber optic lighting
Running board of a black luxury car fitted with SCHOTT Sidelights

Automotive exterior lighting

SCHOTT’s solutions for exterior lighting satisfy all regulations yet offer our customers complete freedom of creativity. Our external SideLight variant creates outstanding light effects for contour or accent illumination, flexibly guiding light to any area of the vehicle with an even distribution, while remaining fully functional in the harshest of conditions. As well as these flexible glass fibers, rigid light guides can be shaped to meet your exact needs, fitting neatly into the tightest of spaces.

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