Grey prototype sports car with seats facing each other, fitted with SCHOTT Ambient Lights in the door

Ambient Light

SCHOTT’s ambient automotive lights generate attractive, robust and functional exterior and interior illumination, delivering design freedom and qualified safety. Driven by passion and precision, SCHOTT is a reliable and established partner of the world's leading automotive OEM and Tier 1 customers.

Series of white SCHOTT SideLight and MultiLight fibers

Beautifully bright illumination

SCHOTT® SideLight, MultiLight and LuminaLine solutions generate bright, clear, colorful and uniform contour illumination throughout a car's interior. In exterior applications, our external SideLight and LuminaLine solutions create outstanding light effects for contour or accent illumination, even in harsh conditions.

Interior of a vehicle dashboard and driving area fitted with blue SCHOTT light guides

Proven track record

SCHOTT light guides are the only fiber optic technology that are qualified for both interior and exterior applications. With SCHOTT lighting products currently in serial vehicle production with the world's leading auto brands – 50 million cars and counting – we have a proven track record in reliability, as well as an ability to enhance brand distinction.

Single blue SCHOTT SideLight (Standard) fiber optic light guide

Product variants

SCHOTT Ambient Lighting solutions illuminate car interiors and exteriors with their elegant swirls of light, while colored SideLight versions add an extra sense of individuality and style. In addition, MultiLight fibers combine contour lighting with spotlighting from a single light source.

More about variants
Four white SCHOTT MultiLight fiber optic light guides
Red SCHOTT Colored SideLight for interior vehicle highlights
Rigid light guide with blue core illumination

We are certified

With qualification for both interior and exterior applications, SCHOTT is the only provider who has passed this regulatory hurdle for ambient lighting.

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