SCHOTT PYRAN® S smoke containment screens meet the regulatory requirements of IT 246

Smoke screens DH30 / D180 with concealed fixings

Unobtrusive but effective, smoke screens ensure that in the event of a fire, the spread of smoke is limited as effectively and safely as possible. Integrating discreetly into your design, the powerful heat resistance of PYRAN® provides vital protection for occupants of residential buildings and workplaces.

Safe and beautiful with PYRAN® S smoke screens

Smoke screens work by preventing the spread of smoke throughout a building in the event of a fire. Hanging from the ceiling, they combine a closed area at the top with an open area at the bottom, effectively creating a trap and preventing the lateral flow of smoke and hot gases into another section. Due to the excellent transparency of PYRAN® S smoke screens, the smoke curtain is almost invisible, but in the event of a fire you can rely on its protective mechanism.

Smoke screen installations with PYRAN® S

Entrance of the Efluid office in Metz, France

Curved smoke screen DH30

Curved PYRAN® fire-resistant glass fits seamlessly with the curved railing of the office entrance, allowing light to flow from the glass roof of the fifth floor.

Staircases in the Neuroscience Building at Bordeaux University, France

Smoke screen DH30 / D180 hidden fixings

To ensure the gangway is well lit during the day, the building’s architects, VIB Architecture, chose PYRAN® S fire-resistant glass with concealed fixtures for the smoke screen.

Glass smoke screen in the Library L’Inguimbertine in Carpentras, France

PYRAN® S smoke screen with arched head

Extension and retrofitting transformed this French public library, with frameless round smoke screens fitted to old stone using tiny brackets.

Spiral staircase in the middle of the Origine office in Nanterre, France

Curved smoke screen DH30

Curving around the spiral staircase, this smoke screen allows outside light to flow throughout the building.

SCHOTT Smoke Screens that fulfil your inspiration

Due to several fire tests with SCHOTT PYRAN® S, the 5 mm smoke screen allows multiple mounting setups. This includes faceted and curved-glass smoke screens, with fixings that can either be hidden or installed by a small bracket or tube.

With a color-rendering index close to 100, PYRAN® S appears to vanish in daily life, and since they are made with borosilicate glass, PYRAN® S smoke screens offer a very high transparency of 92 %.

Available in unlimited lengths with heights up to 2 m, PYRAN® S also offers a reduced mass due to a low thickness of 5 mm (11.5 kg/m²). The combination of a colour rendering index near 100 % and fire-tested concealed fixings allows PYRAN® S smoke screens to blend in with their surroundings.