Outdoor Fireplaces

The outdoor space of a home has always been vital for wellbeing and relaxation, with fresh air and sunshine boosting the body and replenishing the mind. Now the outdoors can be enjoyed all year round with safe, stylish and efficient fireplaces that deliver warmth and beauty for a cozy family haven.
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The modern way to enjoy a traditional fire

Sitting around a roaring fire in the open air has been a powerful combination for humankind since time began, allowing friends and family to bond and enjoy some quality time together. The unique heat and light of an outdoor fireplace brings people together to provide a fascinating focal point for one of the best spaces in the home. As well as warmth and beauty, the latest outdoor fireplaces also provide protection, with ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels giving a clear view of the flames plus effective protection from sparks and smoke.

The family of outdoor fireplace panels

Hand holding illustration of a flat-panel outdoor fireplace in front of couple on balcony

Flat panels

The classic flat fire-viewing panel offers stunning views of a fire, delivering vibrant and intense colors, as well as the comforting warmth of natural flames. High strength ROBAX® glass-ceramic also offers long-lasting protection.

Hand holding illustration of a curved-panel outdoor fireplace in front of a garden

Curved panels

Fireplaces with curved panels add a sense of style to the outdoor space, with designs ranging from sweeping curves to waves, all the way up to 360 º panoramas. This opens up limitless design options to make your fireplace a real talking point.

Outdoor terrace at sunset with drawing of outdoor fireplace

Angular bent panels

When you have an outdoor fireplace, you want as many people to see the fire as possible. Angular bent panels offer alluring views from multiple sides, with a wide choice of angles and bending options.

Fire-viewing panels with a world of options

SCHOTT has sold over 110 million ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels, making it a global leader for fireplaces and stoves. Its success comes from a combination of high transparency, near-zero thermal expansion, and high temperature stability, along with the ability to be processed in a variety of shapes and dimensions. Alongside the standard flat panel, SCHOTT ROBAX® is also available as curved and angular bent.

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Matthias Rüegg, CEO, Rüegg Group
Matthias Rüegg, CEO, Rüegg Group
The idea of extending the gardening season with a glass-enclosed outdoor fire has fascinated us for some time. With the Rüegg SURPRISE, we have now put this dream into reality. The fact that you can grill and cook on it to perfection coupled with its glass-ceramic enclosure makes for twice the gardening pleasure