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From μm to mPa, whatever your lighting or imaging challenge, we say yes to creative and efficient product engineering and performance. 
Our fiber optic solutions provide new opportunities for creating future-proof applications with a competitive edge – no matter how complex.

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Staying ahead in the market requires the freedom to implement smart, innovative ideas that optimize product development and performance while evolving your business. When it comes to challenging environments, our deep expertise, creative approach, and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities in fiber optics make the difference. We help you turn engineering challenges into profitable solutions.

An expert approach for challenging markets

Our leading-edge glass optical fibers enable many applications where images or light must be moved over distances from millimeters to meters. In demanding situations like harsh electromagnetic fields, vacuums, high-pressure environments, confined spaces, or high temperatures, our light and image guides provide an ideal solution.
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In semiconductor manufacturing, microlithography is used to transfer a circuit pattern from a photomask to a wafer. Lithography systems must position the wafer against the lens in a way that is fast, accurate, and repeatable. To measure the wafer and process field-by-field requires light guides with the highest precision.

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Pyrometers – which use light emission to determine temperature – are indispensable in steelworks and other metal processing facilities. Our light guides offer a highly heat-resistant option for pyrometry.

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From food to chemical analysis and space exploration, spectroscopy has helped achieve major scientific breakthroughs. A broad portfolio of glass for wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet to near-infrared (NIR) enables unique high-quality analytical devices.

Nuclear reactor with illumination

Image transfer

Seeing into places where cameras can’t be used, glass imaging fibers offer a robust and flexible way to transfer images from a hazardous environment to the digital chip of a camera or monitoring device in a safe location.

Series of fiber optic light guides

Leading-edge fiber optics

We provide customized light and image guides that meet the highest quality standards along with comprehensive support tailored to your engineering and production requirements. Whether using rigid or flexible guides, we can help you select the end terminations, sheathing, and fiber type that will achieve the highest performance possible. Our solutions fit seamlessly into your processes, supporting advanced development and a distinctive product portfolio.

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At SCHOTT, we have the global resources, knowledge, and experience in complex processes to create new possibilities. Yet, it is our overall approach that makes us special. Our experts are open-minded, solution-oriented, and will work with you side-by-side, providing new impetus and progressive ideas at every development stage.

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