Sandra Gaessner

Customer Service Manager at SCHOTT MINIFAB, Jena

Our international team opens many doors

I started as a student trainee in the Fire-Protective Glazing business unit, and after my Master’s degree in 2013, I really got going in Logistics with NEXTERION. Over time, I have been entrusted with a whole range of new tasks, and currently I’m working as a Customer Service Manager.

We are an international team in daily contact with clients from the U.S. via Singapore and Japan all the way to Australia. There, at the MINIFAB location in Melbourne, the product focus is on polymers, here in Jena the focus is on glass products. In terms of our organisation, we are one entity, and together we’re developing completely novel and exciting product innovations.

Sandra Gaessner, SCHOTT MINIFAB

Sales growth through international understanding

A particular stimulus of my work is being in daily contact with people from all over the world. Of course, communication needs to be more intense at times so that you truly understand each other. But there is so much we can learn from each other. Starting with customs regulations and going far into the personal realm. And once you know how life is like in another country, you can work much more efficiently in your job.

That’s good for SCHOTT, since our clients like to work together with people who are truly interested in them. And even within our company, good communication is key to seamless development, production, and shipping. Over the past eight years, our sales have grown fourfold – not least because our international team on-site has been able to open many doors for us.

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