SCHOTT manufacturing plant in Suzhou, China


The city of Suzhou in eastern China’s Jiangsu province is home to SCHOTT Glass Technologies (Suzhou). The main focus of the plant is the supply of glass-ceramics and toughened glass for the kitchen and household appliance industries, as well as pharma drug containment and delivery solutions as part of SCHOTT Pharma.

Driving innovation at SCHOTT in Suzhou

As a leading manufacturing hub for glass-ceramics and processed flat glasses for home and kitchen appliances, the SCHOTT site in Suzhou provides high-quality solutions for a range of technologies. It offers versatile, state-of-the-art specialty glass products that enable its customers to set new standards in design and product innovation.

Besides supplying the Home and Living sectors, Suzhou also plays an important role in the healthcare industry, producing high-quality pharma drug containment and delivery solutions for the Chinese pharmaceutical market. The Suzhou plant is also the location of the Application Development Center, as well as the sales team, which ensures a close relationship with customers to meet their specific needs.

What we offer

Markets and Applications

SCHOTT Suzhou is a leading supplier of glass-ceramics and tempered glasses for the kitchen and the household appliances industry – and much more. Whether their commercial partners require stylish, bespoke components for home appliances or are looking to make bold statements in the kitchen or house, all products combine reliability with design creativity.

In addition, SCHOTT Pharma is a highly trusted partner for the pharmaceutical industry, which relies on pharma drug containment and delivery solutions to protect life-saving medications.

 SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel with red and blue display


The Suzhou plant is a key center for the production of SCHOTT’s CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panels and tempered glass hobs for gas cookers for the Asian markets. CERAN® has become the world’s best-selling cooktop panel brand, and continuing innovations in material, applications, and design help it retain that leading position.

As a key manufacturing site for SCHOTT Pharma the plant also offers a broad choice of specifications in pharma drug containment and delivery solutions.

Scientist examining a clear glass vial in a laboratory

Where to find us

SCHOTT Glass Technologies (Suzhou) Co. Ltd

No.79 Huoju Road, SND
Suzhou, China 215009

About the region

A developing city of commerce and beauty

The city of Suzhou (sometimes known as Soochow) is a major city in the Jiangsu Province of eastern China, located 100 km (62 miles) west of Shanghai. Given the continuing growth of both cities, their suburbs have actually begun to overlap. It is a major hub for trade and commerce in China, but also boasts a number of impressive cultural attractions. Often called the "Venice of the East", the city's canals, stone bridges, pagodas, and meticulously designed gardens attract many thousands of tourists every year, and the Classical Gardens of Suzhou are among UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.


Classical garden and pagoda in Suzhou, China at sunset
Suzhou, alternately romanized as Soochow, is a major city in southeastern Jiangsu Province of East China

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