Two females looking at the top of a clear glass pharmaceutical syringe


With outstanding build quality and superior needle performance, syriQ® deliver medication with ease to provide optimum comfort for patients. Using high quality materials and advanced manufacture processes, the syringes smoothly dispense a range of drugs, from vaccines to biotech formulations.
Two clear glass syringes made by SCHOTT

Easy and safe injectable drug administration

Made with high-strength and chemically resistant FIOLAX® tubing, SCHOTT’s range of syriQ® syringes offer effective drug storage and administration in one, with a reduced risk of product mix-up. Whether used in a hospital or the home, our syringes provide safe handling and administration for medical professionals as well as patients.

A row of five clear glass syringes made by SCHOTT

Best-in-class quality

For a range of drugs SCHOTT syringes, made with high-quality FIOLAX® tubing, provide stable storage for a long shelf life. Robust components, precise manufacture techniques and camera-controlled inspection deliver products with consistently high levels of functionality and low cosmetic defects.

Two females looking at the top of a clear glass pharmaceutical syringe

Product variants

Biotech drugs such as complex biologicals can interact with containers, so the syriQ BioPure® syringe has been developed by SCHOTT to allow sensitive drugs to pass to through the system. In addition, syriQ BioPure® silicone-free syringes eliminate the need for silicone lubricant on the inside barrel, which could influence the drug formulation.

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Two females looking at the top of a clear glass pharmaceutical syringe
Two clear glass SCHOTT syriQ glass syringes, one with plunger
A row of five different types of clear glass syringe made by SCHOTT
Two syriQ BioPure® silicone-free clear glass syringes
SCHOTT Syringe expert Wilfried Manthey discusses syriQ BioPure® glass syringes.

Award-winning innovation

SCHOTT syringes have won a number of prestigious industry awards, including: • syriQ BioPure® silicone-free – Winner CPhI Pharma Awards 2019 • syriQ BioPure® – Winner Pharmapack Awards 2019 • syriQ BioPure® – Top 16 Innovations 2018 • syriQ BioPure® - Winner Medecine Marker Awards 2018 • Glass Primary Packaging – Biotech Portfolio

Single clear glass syringe with complex molecule in background
News & Innovation stories

Rethinking pharma packaging

Read about SCHOTT’s latest development in special packaging for highly sensitive biopharmaceuticals and how this packaging maintains drug stability and ensures patient safety.

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Frau injiziert sich ein Medikament mit einer Spritze

Tailored for high-sensitivity drugs

In an interview with Dr. Nicolas Eon, we find out more about SCHOTT’s new syriQ BioPure® syringe.

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Single clear silicone-free syringe by SCHOTT

World’s first silicone-free prefillable syringe launched

How SCHOTT tackled the challenge of producing the world’s first prefillable glass syringe that completely eliminates the need for silicone.

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