A selection of clear glass tubes made from AR-GLAS®


AR-GLAS® is a robust soda-lime glass that suits demanding dimensional and cosmetic applications. It’s a reliable option for Type III pharmaceutical packaging such as vials for oral medications, while it's also widely used for food packaging, cosmetic containers and even blown-glass ornaments and decorative pieces.
A clear glass tube reflected on a white background

Precise dimensions and impressive properties

A wide range of dimensions in tubing and rods makes AR-GLAS® a popular and economical choice in many different fields. It offers very precise geometries and corrosion resistance, while its high thermal expansion coefficient means it can be fused with specific alloys or used in compression seals.

A selection of clear glass tubes made from AR-GLAS®

From the laboratory to the Christmas tree

The most common use of AR-GLAS® is in the manufacture of laboratory equipment such as test tubes, but it's also widely used for cosmetic containers and food packaging such as aroma vials. Thanks to its stable light transmission, it can also be used for solar collectors, and you can even find it in Christmas ornaments.

We are certified

SCHOTT tubing production sites are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 15378.

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