Sleek dark modern domestic kitchen with a range of appliances


SCHOTT is a leading supplier of specialty glass, glass-ceramics and electrical components for the kitchen and the household appliances industry. We offer the right solution for every technology, such as SCHOTT CERAN®, the world’s best-selling cooktop panel brand.
Cooking pan next to a dark glass-ceramic cooktop lit up with red and blue light


SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panels have not only revolutionized cooking technology, but also the modern cooking experience with quality and innovation. Whether you use radiant, induction or gas heat, CERAN® offers the right solution for every cooking technology, while being environmentally friendly, functional, durable and incredibly successful – over 180 million original units sold. As well as producing the world’s best-selling cooktop panel, SCHOTT is a leading provider of high quality tempered glasses for gas hobs.

Two kitchen ovens and a wine cooler with open clear glass doors


Glass doors and control panels are a popular choice for ovens thanks to their sleek, modern look and ability to offer a clear view of the food you’re cooking. For manufacturers we offer a fully customizable service to match existing appliances to ensure a holistic design and consistent color scheme. The eco-friendly SCHOTT Energy range of coated glasses for oven doors, including high-temperature glasses for pyrolytic ovens, is also highly energy-efficient, keeping heat loss to a minimum.

Empty double refrigerator with open doors


The customizable qualities of SCHOTT products are particularly useful in the manufacture of refrigerators, with manufacturers benefitting from the robust and reliable nature of our stylish front panels and glass shelves, including frames and trims, while tailoring the design to their precise preference. Our customers rely on our ability to integrate customized printing, as well as LED lighting and cut-outs for features such as handles and water dispensers. Components such as SCHOTT compressor seals also contribute to performance.

Home washing machine with a clear glass top panel

Washing Machines

While it’s great to be able to see what’s going on inside, glass lids and decorative glass panels on washing machines are an esthetic feature that helps to blend them into the broader design of a home. Deeper inside the machines, our highly accurate glass seals for reed switches and thermal cutoffs perform essential roles within the electronic systems, and we work closely with manufacturers to ensure all our glass products suit their exact requirements.

Brushed chrome dishwasher open with clean cups inside

Sinks and Dishwashers

Our glass for sinks and dishwashers has the option of premium quality printing, meaning designs, colors and shapes can be tailored to your needs. Inside the dishwasher, SCHOTT’s range of thermal cutoffs prevent overheating, while glass seals for reed switches ensure consistent water flow. The stylish appearance of glass makes it a popular choice for these appliances, but it also has strong material properties. SCHOTT safety glass in sinks offers high impact resistance, as well as chemical resistance.

Toaster with clear glass side panels showing two pieces of toast

Small Appliances

SCHOTT materials and components are widely used in small kitchen appliances such as toasters, coffee makers and irons. The superior esthetics, thermal and hygienic properties of glass and glass-ceramic make it the ideal material for easy-to-clean panels and touch controls that add a sleek, modern feel to small appliances. On the inside, SEFUSE® thermal fuses play a safety-critical role, as they prevent electrical devices from catching fire if they overheat.