Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle

A spectacular feature of the 19th century Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria is its historic, ornate leaded glass windows. SCHOTT AMIRAN® Heritage Protect provides long-lasting, durable glazing protection for the windows in the famous Singers’ Hall – a centerpiece of this dazzling architectural gem.


Neuschwanstein Castle was originally commissioned to be built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, with work commencing in 1869. However, Ludwig died before it was completed, and in 1886 the spectacular building was opened to the public. The Singers’ Hall was one of the king’s favorite projects, extending over the entire fourth floor, but over the years, dust and dirt, and the impact of the elements, meant the beautiful original lead windows needed glazing protection in order to be preserved for future generations.
Rear view of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany


The key consideration for this project was that the original 19th century lead-glass windows had to be protected from extreme weather conditions and UV radiation. At the same time, they were no longer protecting the interior from the effects of the sun and energy loss. Another significant aspect was that views of these exquisitely patterned windows enjoyed by visitors could be optimized using the right glazing protection.


SCHOTT’s expertise in anti-reflective protective glazing and knowledge of historical architecture resulted in the decision to use AMIRAN® glass to protect the windows. Mounted outside the valuable original glass, sheets of SCHOTT AMIRAN® Heritage Protect were fitted as a laminated safety glass with a 0.76 PVB film to enhance their durability and UV resistance. The glass is ventilated from the rear and held in place by fastening irons glued into holes in the natural stone exterior of the castle, with stainless steel brackets screwed to the irons to ensure a robust and stable long-term solution.
Exterior view of The Singers’ Hall in Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

The original lead windows of Neuschwanstein Castle required protection from the weather and UV radiation

Close-up of the exterior of The Singers’ Hall in Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

SCHOTT AMIRAN® Heritage Protect was used to add durability and UV protection to the windows of The Singers’ Hall

Exterior view of Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

AMIRAN® Heritage Protect glass also protects the interior of Neuschwanstein Castle from harmful UV radiation

Minimal reflectance for maximum impact

The AMIRAN® range of anti-reflective glasses offers a number of advantages over conventional float glass thanks to SCHOTT’s fine-tuning of key technical properties. AMIRAN® Heritage Protect produces negligible reflection, high light transmission, and strong protection from mechanical and environmental hazards. The glass generates just 1 % luminous reflectance, and even as the angle of viewing is adjusted, the reflectance remains minimal. This is vital considering that ornate, historical windows such as those at Neuschwanstein Castle will frequently be viewed from the side or below.
Ulrich Huber, SCHOTT Sales Manager
We are proud to preserve the beauty of the world. Glass can keep great historical architecture such as Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany alive.

Strong protection inside and out

The addition of AMIRAN® Heritage Protect glazing will preserve Neuschwanstein Castle’s unique lead glass windows for many years to come, while also protecting the historic interior, fixtures and fittings from sun damage. The high level of color rendering achieved by AMIRAN® offers highly accurate light transmission, providing the best possible view of this timeless attraction, whether experienced from the inside or outside, regardless of viewing angle.
Johann Hensel, Neuschwanstein Castle Administrator
We are contemporary witnesses to a measure that has never been done before.

Used materials & similar products 

SCHOTT AMIRAN® Heritage Protect has proved highly effective at preserving heritage glazing such as stained glass and lead glass from damage. It is versatile enough to be processed as toughened safety glass, laminated safety glass, laminated glass and insulating glass, tailored to architect's requirements, and thermally toughened as required.

Albert Füracker, German Minister of Finance and Home Affairs
The Castle of the Fairytale King stands not only for the homeland of Bavaria, but for all of Germany.

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