Light is mainly responsible for determining our day-night rhythm and for how we perceive our environment. This is especially true while travelling in a car or in an aircraft.

As an expert for lighting solutions, we use our know-how in fiber optics and LED technology to set the scene - creating impressive lighting effects inside aircraft and automobiles. Let us inspire you Let us inspire you for your next flight or drive!
Perfect lighting creates perfect atmosphere. Different lights - one look.

SCHOTT presents the first ever holistic, integrated lighting solution for aircraft cabins. Please take a seat and enjoy your journey!

There is nothing more perfect than natural light. Nature creates the perfect atmosphere and SCHOTT aims to enable the perfect lighting to set the stage in aircraft cabins.

The beauty of light becomes most obvious when light intensity and color shades merge together to make a perfect mix, which creates an unmatched overall impression and a stunning atmosphere.
The ultimate LED color stabilization for cabin lighting.
A unique sensor technology secures the upmost homogeneous light over the entire liefespan of every LED.
With the side-emitting fiber optic for line lights you can realize homogeneous mood lighting scenarios and functional cabin lighting.
Fiber optic for spotlight - Fiber optics enable smart design solutions. Today´s LED and fiber optic technologies provide endless customizable solutions for design, color, material, dimensions and light intensity that transform the overall cabin design and interior concept.

One LED light source can cover several applications in the cabin. The visible part of the light spot can easily be customized to meet the overall seat and cabin design.

When the night comes, it is time for the beauty of light impulses to take the stage.
SCHOTT HelioFlex turns the cabin ceiling into a night firmament. Fiber optic light guides sparkle like stars in the sky.