Glass straws

With three billion plastic straws thrown away every day, sustainable alternatives for high volume users such as, the catering and hospitality industries, as well as retail are urgently needed.

Of course, there are now various substitute materials for plastic, including disposable paper straws. However, these soften very quickly, distort the taste experience and are therefore not really suitable for use in the hospitality sector. End users are also increasingly less inclined to buy single-use items.


SCHOTT offers glass straws directly from the manufacturer that can last a lifetime - and not just a singular drink.

Our glass straws have many more benefits: as they are non-porous they do not affect the taste of the drink, they are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Better still, the transparency of the glass makes for a drinking straw that looks great in every drink. Whether it's an ice-cold cocktail or a hot coffee.

Depending on the type of drink, there are different lengths to choose from, whether for long drinks or tumbler glasses, bottles, cups or simple drinking glasses.

Enhance your glass straws further with your personal touch, From an order quantity of 250 pieces, we can also offer you an individual engraving. How about having the logo of your restaurant or hotel onto the drinking straw?

With our reusable glass straws, your drinks will not only look better and provide a clear taste experience, but will also protect the environment from unnecessary plastic waste.

Consumers are able to purchase our glass drinking straws in handy packs of 4 from one of our partners:

Order glass straws directly in our online B2B shop for your gastronomy.

Do you want to sell glass straws in a practical 4-pack in your own shop? Send us an inquiry using the contact form!
SCHOTT Glass straws
SCHOTT Glass straws