CONTURAX® and CONTURAX® Pro  glass tubing and rods

CONTURAX®: Profile glass tubes and rods

SCHOTT's expertise as a manufacturer of glass tubes and rods goes far beyond the round shape - as demonstrated by the wide range of CONTURAX® profile glass tubes and rods.
Benefit from the advantages of DURAN® borosilicate glass, from which our CONTURAX® profiled glass tube is manufactured. The profile portfolio of diverse and aesthetic shapes opens up completely new possibilities for a wide variety of applications. The glass profiles are used for example in industry, architecture, lighting, furniture design, product design, art and design to name but a few. 

Here are some examples of our profile glass shapes:
• Oval
• Triangular rods
• Stars hexagonal or pentagonal
• Flowers with a different numbers of "petals"
• Lozenge-shaped
• Inner profiles: smooth outside tube, tube with a profile inside, different webs available

Even more possibilities arise with the further processing of the shapes, e.g. by halving the profile glass or shortening it to glass cylinders with inner or outer profiles.

There should be no limits to creativity here.

Should you not find a suitable glass shape with us, we are open to new developments. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

CONTURAX® Pro - The squaring of the circle - angular glass tubes

As an expert in the field of special glass, SCHOTT has succeeded in using its years of experience to develop a new type of non-round glass tubing: CONTURAX® Pro. Made from high-quality DURAN® borosilicate glass, this profile tubing with three or more angles is manufactured by a new, patentedcontinuous direct drawing process. This makes it possible to produce large quantities with uniform high quality whilst at an attractive price.

Product benefits and properties at a glance:
  • High planarity and surface quality for a long-lasting use
  • Geometric accuracy for precise working through direct manufacture in a continuous, patented drawing process.
  • Wide spectrum of shapes and dimensions, with the possibility of realizing customer-specified angles and asymmetrical forms.
  • Wide variety of surface finishes from smooth to profiled*
CONTURAX® Pro profile tubing also offers high transparency and thermal shock resistance, hard and smooth surfaces for the greatest resistance to scratches and tolerance of conventional cleaning agents.
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