Product Presentation

It is often said that “what is on the inside matters the most” and in this case we could not agree more. High transparency, scratch resistance and geometrical accuracy make SCHOTT glass tubing and rods the ideal partner to showcase your products. 

By using a round glass product display it enables complete focus on the product that is been presented. No attention is taken away by corners or edges due the cylindrical shape.

Whether it be used for high end retail fashion, the latest technology gadgets or exquisite jewellery. SCHOTT glass tubes and rods enable you to present to the highest standards what matters the most to you.
Anti-reflective glass offers a clear view of your products, no matter if used for an exterior or for an interior application.
Trade Fairs & Events
Trade fair The American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Convention & Exhibition, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 28.09 - 03.10.2018
Trade fair API China, Nanjing, Germany, 17.10 - 19.10.2018
Trade fair AlgaEurope, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 04.12 - 06.12.2018
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