Glass stands up to high and changing temperatures

High thermal rating

Withstanding high temperatures – this is especially important in glass tubing for lighting, whether for halogen lamps in the automotive sector or for general lighting. Natural earth alkaline aluminosilicate glasses 8252 and 8253 are suited for high temperature applications and can be fused with Molybdenum. Blue light lamps, for instance, depending on desired intensity, can be processed using glass types 8240, 8241 or NEO 1730.

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Thermal shock resistance

The glass types mentioned above for applications with high thermal loads also display very good thermal shock resistance.

DURAN® is very well suited for use with strong temperature swings, whether for using the glass tubing in laboratory glass items or at industrial facilities such as heat exchangers. Also well suited for temperature changing applications are profile tubing such as CONTURAX® and CONTURAX® Pro produced from borosilicate glass.

If an even higher thermal shock resistance is needed which almost reaches the level of quartz, Glass types 8228, 8229 and 8230 are applied, especially in the electronics sector.

You will find glass types with high thermal shock resistance in our Glass Tubing Explorer
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