Electrically insulating glass

Glass is highly valued in electrical engineering as an electrically insulating material. Suitable glass types:
  • 8250 can be fused with Kovar
  • 8252 can be fused with molybdenum and high thermal resistance
  • 8651
  • 8531
The right glass types for technical applications are chosen depending on other necessary material properties such as sealability with other glass or materials mentioned here, temperature resistance, etc.

You will find detailed information on glass types with electrically insulating effect in our Glass Tubing Explorer.

If you are not sure which type of glass is right for your application or whether what you want to do can be realized with glass, Ask our glass specialists!

Dielectric strength and dielectric loss factor

Dielectric strength is a measure of the effectiveness of shielding from electrical fields and the polarisation capacity of a material.

In our Glass Tubing Explorer you can select the required range of values in the filter "Properties":
Selection "Dielectric constant":

Define range:

If you are looking for a material with a specific dielectric loss factor, you will also find it in the Glass Tubing Explorer:
Selection "Dielectric loss factor":
Define range:
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