AR-GLAS® - tubes and rods made of soda-lime glass 

As a worldwide leader in the production of quality tubing glass, SCHOTT supplies soda-lime glass for demanding dimensional and cosmetic applications - AR-GLAS® . This clear glass in Water-Resistance Class 3 is suited for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical primary packaging such as vials or containers for oral medications including pills, tablets and powder. Technical areas of application are solar collectors, laboratory glass applications (test tubes, measuring cylinders, pipettes for non-aggressive liquids), food packaging and blown-glass items such as Christmas ornaments. Soft glass is acid-resistant and has high thermal expansion for pressure melting and for fusing with platinum or dumet  and other alloys.

AR-GLAS® in a wide range of sizes

AR-GLAS® is available in tubes and rods. Further information on the standard range can be found in our AR-GLAS® brochure. All of the products listed can also be ordered online at

The standard length of tubes and rods is 1,500 mm.

For tubes, other lengths and outside diameters up to 70 mm are available upon request. Special lengths of 1,200 to 4,000 mm with an outside diameter of 18 to 38 mm are also available.

Rods with an outside diameter of up to 30 mm are available upon request. 

Our glass specialists are also open to special requests for tubes and rods of soda-lime silicate glass. Give us a call!

Our patented packaging system DENSOPACK® provides effective transport protection with shrink wrapped tube ends for products with outside diameters of over 8 mm.
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