high-performance “green” optical fibers

Nominee of the German Innovation Award 2018

Our product family of PURAVIS® glass optical fibers is nominated for the German Innovation Award 2018 in the competition category “Excellence in Business to Business”.

The German Innovation Award elects products and processes convincing through their innovative and sustainable added value. With the development of the innovative glass optical fibers PURAVIS®, SCHOTT has launched a „green“ product to the  market that is manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and, at the same time, transmits even whiter light than conventional glass optical fibers. Thanks to its pure raw materials, PURAVIS® offers natural color and lasting stability.

Our PURAVIS®  eco-friendly high-performance glass optical fibers, used in various medical illumination applications, compete in the class “Medical Technologies”.

The German Design Council will announce in early March which nominated products will receive a German Innovation Award.
German Innovation Award 2018
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PURAVIS® eco-friendly glass optical fibers
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