SCHOTT MIRONA® media column - the perfect solution for monitor-supported communication systems

Frankfurt Airport Center, Germany



The Frankfurt Airport Center (FAC) is an exclusive office and conference center that is perfectly located at the Frankfurt Airport.

Nevertheless, the mere size of the complex and the diversity of the services offered here meant that it was very important to help passengers and visitors find their way around. For this reason, the decision was made to install an equally efficient and sophisticated "navigation system" inside the FAC as part of the extensive renovation measures planned.

The guidance system was to consist of several elements at various locations in the building.
  • On the one hand, a free-standing information terminal had to be installed at a central location.
  • On the other, four information display surfaces needed to be mounted to the walls.
The client placed special emphasis on coming up with an unusual design, while also assuring the main element would be sturdy enough. After all, due to its intended location inside the airport and the fact that so many people frequent the building, there was always the risk of it being damaged, by a suitcase, for instance. For this reason, the customer requested effective, yet invisible “impact protection” and this meant coming up with yet another special solution.

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Both parties decided to produce a large glass cube with multimedia elements that would serve as the main information terminal.

The special properties of MIRONA® that make it simply ideal for use with monitors represent the cornerstone of this solution. They produce a special effect in that the edges of the monitors remain invisible and the image appears to “float” while the technical inner workings remain completely hidden behind the reflective surface.
Detailled view on media column at Frankfurt Airport Center, Germany, glazed with SCHOTT MIRONA®
Detailled view on media column at Frankfurt Airport Center, Germany, glazed with SCHOTT MIRONA®