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Clear view of cool things: anti-reflective glass combined with high thermal insulation


At a Glance

The newly introduced glass material CONTURAN® Low-E from SCHOTT offers decisive advantages in the area of food presentation: saving energy - and presenting goods better.

The trend in the retail food trade of outfitting and retrofitting with energy efficient
refrigeration units is creating clear advantages for customers and sellers. Refrigerated goods can be optimally presented in energy-saving, glazed refrigerated units and are therefore a sustainable alternative to open refrigerated furniture. The newly launched CONTURAN® Low-E glass from SCHOTT provides the necessary combination of energy efficiency and anti-reflection. Also SCHOTT CONTURAN® allows a clear view of the goods on offer and is free of distracting reflections.
  • Clear, reflection free visibility
  • High color rendering index
  • Attractive presentation of goods
  • Less energy consumption
  • More sustainability
  • Fast payback
  • High mechanical resistance of the coating in everyday use
SCHOTT Low-E – Energie sparen und Waren besser präsentieren
CONTURAN® Low-E offers clear and reflection-free view


SCHOTT CONTURAN® – Low-E anti-reflective glass for displays is unique due to ...
  • Almost completely free of interfering reflections on the surface
  • Reflectance by only 3 %
  • Low-E is almost invisible, it is ideal for any kind of ambient light conditions
  • Transmission characteristics of > 98 %

… Durability …
  • CONTURAN® Low-E can be thermally toughened as well as manufactured in curved form. (No impairment of antireflective coating)
  • High mechanical and chemical stability
  • Due to its high mechanical and chemical stability, the glass is also suited to everyday usage
  • Pyrolytic Low-E coating (low emissivity) which improves the thermal transmittance value of insulating glazing by 40 %
  • Highest thermal protection due double surface treatment
  • CONTURAN® Low-E can be thermally toughened as well as manufactured in curved form. Neither the anti-reflective coating nor its durability are adversely affected by bending the glass.

Area of Applications

  • Refrigerator doors
  • refrigeration units  for food retailers
Optimum visibility at PoS, fast return on investment

The new CONTURAN® Low-E glass from SCHOTT is the perfect solution for
modernization and retrofitting. It is an energy efficient and anti-reflective glass
ideal for doors and other refrigeration units. Thanks to a double surface treatment,
the product combines the highest thermal protection with an unrestricted, almost
reflection free view of the presented products. It is therefore a very good choice
for manufacturers of refrigeration units and refrigerator doors and food retailers.
A rapid payback of costs and energy saving in as part of a consistent approach to
sustainability are further advantages that make the product indispensable.
CONTURAN® Low-E von SCHOTT – energieeffizientes und entspiegeltes Glas für Kühlmöbel
CONTURAN® Low-E – Energy-efficient and anti-reflective glass for refrigerated units

Technical Information

CONTURAN® is an anti-reflective floated glass with a one or two sided interference optical coating that largely prevents surface reflections. For this purpose, several nanometer-thin metal oxide layers are applied in a special dipping process. This reduces reflections by 90 % making the glass seem almost invisible. With a transmission of > 98 %, the viewer can focus on the essentials.
Spezification CONTURAN® Low-E*:
Transmission 91 %
Reflectance 3 %
Heat transfer coefficient   1.5 W/m2K
Available glass thickness           4 mm
Max. dimensions 1,770 mm x 1,220 mm
*Figures for 4/16/4 insulated glass units using 90 % argon, 10 % air
CONTURAN® Low-E from SCHOTT – The perfect solution for modernisation or new equipment


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