Ultra-thin borosilicate glass

SCHOTT MEMpax® is a borosilicate glass with a fire-polished surface. It has similar chemical and physical characteristics to the well-known product
SCHOTT Borofloat® 33.

At the same time, MEMpax® is available in much lower thicknesses and offers a thin wafer that no longer needs to be ground and polished thanks to its excellent surface quality. SCHOTT MEMpax® can be used anywhere that extremely thin borosilicate glasses are needed.

The coefficient of linear thermal expansion of MEMpax® corresponds with that of silicon, and this glass is perfectly suited for use in anodic bonding. Due to its low auto fluorescence, excellent surface quality, flatness and homogeneity, the application possibilities for MEMpax® in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and biotechnology are numerous.