Radiation Shielding Glasses


Radiation shielding glasses - ideal for protective applications

SCHOTT offers a selection of specially-developed radiation shielding glasses in the density range from 2.5 to 5.2 g/cm3. The selection of glasses covers a variety of optical and shielding properties that allows the custom design of radiation shielding windows that perfectly combine high shielding capability and resistance against ionizing irradiation (high long-term light transmittance and discharge resistance).

The main applications for radiation shielding glasses are in the nuclear energy production and nuclear waste treatment fields. Two of the five available glass types are well suited for environments with exceptionally high radiation. Their doping with cerium dioxide prevents the browning of the glass due to high-energy radiation-induced ionization. In addition, these glasses are extremely resistant to electrostatic discharge, which is caused by high electrical field strength as a result of ionizing irradiation.  

Radiation shielding glasses are available as finished blocks, plates and customized castings. SChOTT guarentees high-quality standards by using the same manufacturing equipment and processes as it does with optical glass production.