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Infrared Chalcogenide Glasses


Reliable solutions for the infrared industry 

Infrared glasses (IRG) offer excellent transmission in the shortwave IR (SWIR), midwave IR (MWIR), and longwave (LWIR) range. Physical properties such as low dn/dT and low dispersion enable optical designers to engineer color-correcting optical systems without thermal defocusing. The IRG family of chalcogenide glasses is optimized for pairing with the family of IR glasses and other IR materials to support cost-effective and high-performance optical designs. These glasses encompass the common IR transmission bands 3 - 5 μm and 8 - 12 μm, but can transmit as low as 0.7 μm. Furthermore, the IR glass series offered by SCHOTT can be processed using conventional grinding and polishing techniques, single point diamond turning or molding to support low- to high-volume component-level manufacturing.
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